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However, there was a sort of Golden Age of PIFs in the UK from the ‘60s to the ‘80s during which a number of especially good films were produced by the Central Office of Information. Plenty of people in the UK remember these films nostalgically, even those who arent dedicated PIF enthusiasts. Among the most famous PIFs of this era is “Reginald Molehusband. ” The Worst Parker in Town If ever you hear someone harping on about how young people these days dont know how to do anything, you can always remind them that back in 1967 the British Government had to make a short film explaining how to parallel-park your car. Reginald Molehusband, our hero, was hilariously incapable of parking his Austin 1100. As the narrator explained: This is the story of Reginald Molehusband, married, two children, whose reverse parking was a public danger. People came from miles just to see it. Bets were laid on his performance. What he managed to miss at the back, he was sure to make up for at the front. Bus drivers and taxis changed their routes to avoid him. Until the day that Reginald Molehusband did it right. Not too close, far enough forward. come on Reginald. and reverse in slowly. come on. and watching traffic. and park perfectly! Well done Reginald Molehusband, the safest parker in town. Unlike many PIFs at the time, “Reginald Molehusband” wasnt grim or shocking – it was cheerful, silly, and fun. And the approach worked. The film became a classic and was broadcast over and over during the ‘60s and ‘70s. Reginald Molehusband became a nickname for bad or over-timid drivers. Decades later, people still thought fondly of the character. So of course, when BBC Magazine arranged a festival of public information films to mark the 60th anniversary of the Central Office of Information in 2006, they had to feature “Reginald Molehusband. ” There was just one problem: nobody could find it. One of Our PIFs Is Missing On February 10, 2006, BBC Magazine explained the situation. Only an audio file remained: the film itself was apparently lost. Neither the Central Office of Information nor the National Archives had any idea what had become of “Reginald Molehusband. ” Nor was it in the BBCs archives. A number of PIF lovers keep collections of taped PIFs, and optimistically, the BBC put out the call: Someone somewhere must have a copy. With the promise of national hero status, now is your time to stand up for Reginald. A spokesperson from the National Archives encouraged people to join in the search: Anyone who finds a copy of Molehusband would be held aloft and carried through the streets by PIF enthusiasts. Other news outlets picked up the story. “The hunt is on, ” declared the Telegraph on February 16. Eleven days later, the BBC revealed new developments in the case. No copy of the film had been found as yet. But the actor who had played Reginald in 1967 had come forward: Ian Gardiner, now retired. Gardiner revealed some interesting behind-the-scenes details, including that hed been paid a grand total of 10 for appearing in the film, and expressed hope that it would be found soon. But it was not to be. Although people all over the world volunteered ideas about what might have become of the film, no one was successful in finding it. Reginald Molehusband had apparently driven off into the unknown. The Resurrection of Reginald On March 3, 2006, the BBC offered up a consolation prize to despondent PIF enthusiasts. BBC Breakfast had arranged to reshoot the film with Gardiner in his classic role (and classic car. A new voiceover was recorded but the old script was preserved exactly. Reginald Molehusband had been resurrected. In an odd twist of fate, the 2006 remake is now also quite difficult to find (the link on the BBC website appear to be broken) although copies are still floating around on the Internet. Despite the best efforts of PIF lovers, almost fourteen years later, the original film has never turned up. Its hard to believe that there isnt a single copy in existence – surely somebody has it on a VHS tape at the back of a drawer somewhere. But for now, to the eternal disappointment of PIF fans, Reginald Molehusband remains missing.

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